Mike Weber. Photo courtesy of weberfineart.net

I’ve known Mike for quite a few years now…since the boutique days. He’s one of those people that has this naturally positive vibe that makes you feel ineptly grinch-like. How can someone be that nice and  sweet on the inside and then so stylishly handsome, undeniably cool on the outside (um, I remember when he was like man-of-the-month in this little magazine?). Doesn’t seem fair (cue foot stomping). And to top it all off, he’s an artist. Not just an artist, but a phenomenal one.

So, I’m veering off the clothes/shoes/accessories tip just  bit because I heart Mike’s work. Like seriously. He’s just launched a new site and, as a local, you must check it.

P.S. He bought that t-shirt he’s wearing in the picture above from me. Natch.