I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time blogging about the various and sundry fashion weeks that have happened and are happening. I mean, Fall 2010? Here in D.C., we’re just praying the snow melts enough to make it to Spring.

Still, it’s nice to get a taste of what went on at Fashion Week New York, and what is going on in London. Some of my personal ready-to-wear favorites…

Alexander Wang

Although always exuding urban cool, the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award winner’s clothing is usually pretty accessible to a wide range of ages. This time around, though, the Fall 2010 collection felt…young. Backpacks, knee-highs, midriffs? Am I back in college? Still, can’t deny the infectiousness of the Wang vibe.

Ah, to be a 20-something again…

Karen Walker

Photo courtesy of style.com

Karen Walker’s a little kooky. But, that’s why I heart her. The designer, who hails from Auckland, New Zealand, has always got some helter skelter story behind her collection. Whether it’s the glamour of a 1930s superheroine leading a double life,  the austerity of a Texas polygamist compound, or the high-neck frills of Edwardian children’s clothing, she always manages to make you scratch your head while simultaneously saying, “I need that.”

For her Fall 2010 collection,  it’s “Sound of Music meets Bob Dylan.”  She’s got skinny suits that look like they were made from curtains (don’t be afraid of the head-to-toe floral print; just imagine it broken up), a blue metallic dress with black piping that appears to be blooming (yes, blooming) right from the center; and shrunken menswear-inspired jackets paired with cropped trousers – decidedly tomboyish, but still chic.

The most wearable pieces in her collection are the day dresses, which you can imagine layering, pairing, mixing and matching through various seasons (important when you live in a four-season town like D.C.).


Photo courtest of style.com

Ok, so your average suburban mom is not going to be in the carpool lane sporting the randomness that is the sisters Mulleavy. But, the beauty in the how they put together strips of fabrics, twisted and cascading, with a skirt that looks like a woven placemat is what makes them so bewitching.

For Fall 2010, apparently a long drive from El Paso to Marfa, Texas, got them thinking they might like to explore their Mexican roots. From there, they became interested in the troubled border town of Ciudad Juárez; the “hazy, dreamlike quality of the landscape there; and the maquiladora workers going to the factory in the middle of the night.” And that, according to the designers, coalesced into this season’s collection built around the idea of sleepwalking.

Seriously.  I’m  so not kidding.

Part of me laughs increduously (the cynical part) and the other part (the romantic one) makes me love them even more. Plus those white dresses at the end really are…dreamy.

Shipley & Halmos

photo courtesy of Shipley & Halmos

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the our-clothes-tell-a-sumptious-story Rodarte collection is Shipley & Halmos. Sam Shipley and Brent Halmos, formerly of Trovata,  simply make clothes that girls want to wear: classics with a twist. For instance, their Fall 2010 collection features a silk ankle-length trench that has a drape-y and more youthful quality than the classic belted version.

And get this, the collection feels — gasp! — unpretentious and completely wearable in a variety of different ways.

My shopping cart is ready and I’ll take one of everything, please.

So, there you have it. Some of my favorite picks for Fall 2010. Some cool, some crazy and some just stuff you want to buy and wear over and over again.

For now, though, I’ll just tuck Fall 2010 safely away as my toes continue screaming to be liberated from wool socks and tights.  Sigh…