Last month, I offered a webinar, Style Framework for Your Life.  to wrap up the summer season. With 200 attendees, it was our most well-attended online offering. Afterwards I received such wonderfully positive feedback! Many people  also contacted me to  ask if it would made available for purchase.

I am thrilled to announce we have made that very webinar available on our website along with downloadable worksheets. A Style Framework for Your Life is designed to be a starting point to help you see your closet and style in a new way.

What this downloadable course IS: An introduction to creating a style and wardrobe with purpose.  It is an hour-long course with slides that asks key questions to help you build the foundation for a functional wardrobe. If you have every wondered what it would be like to work with DC Style Factory, this course is the perfect introduction to our process.

What this downloadable course IS NOT: A DIY Closet Audit, personal shopping guide, or outfit creation guide.  Attendees of this course are given tools to approach  and assess closet, shopping, and style work on their own using the DC Style Factory lens. However, I believe the personal nature of our one-on-one work cannot be replaced in full with DIY courses, which is why we offer our services on a sliding scale and a payment plan. Everyone deserves that luxury level of care, and it is a priority of ours to provide that care in a way that honors varying privilege and access to resources.

To this end, we also offer A Style Framework for Your Life on a sliding scale so that it can be accessible to a wide range of individuals.

“I have always approached my closet and its contents with gut instinct and emotion. This course cut out the fantasy aspects of my wardrobe so I could start asking myself,  ‘What do I actually wear?'” – Style Framework for Your Life attendee.

Check out Style Framework for Your Life and get started with your personal style and wardrobe journey today!