During a recent client appointment, N’jeri spotted these fun, heeled Clark’s sandals. Yes, Clark’s! When she pointed them out, I knew I would have to try them on.

Comfort is the number priority for 90 percent of my clients, particularly when it comes to their feet. They will put comfort first while style does not even factor into the equation. My job is to see if we can meet in the middle, giving clients the comfort they are looking for — with a good helping of style.

I used to balk at comfort brands, but over the last decade,  many have come a long way.We have had great luck with Clark’s, Rockport and Ecco. It’s all about being selective and these “athleisure” sandals are a great example. The perforated bands, contrast piping and chunky, tread heel give it that  youthful sporty vibe that continues to dominate this spring.

N’jeri and I both snapped up the sandals and couldn’t wait to style them once the temperatures started to rise.  N’jeri knew she wanted to really go a little tomboy with them, and then a little flirty. I wanted to dress them up a little with some tailored pieces.

The one thing to keep in mind with these sandals is they are chunky  plus light color draws attention down, adding volume to your feet/legs. To balance this effect, select:

  • flowy or slouchy clothing that adds volume to  balance the chunky silhouette of the shoe
  • pattern to draw more attention up to the rest of your look — not just your feet
  • brighter clothing also to draw attention

Happy sandal shopping!

P.S. They are now available on for only $57!