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Transform Your Closet and Style Outlook

Our signature style course, The Closet Audit Intensive, is currently offered as a self-guided, stand-alone course. Please note that this is the final offering of this course, which will kick off April 4 and wrap up by June 30 at the latest.

During this course you  will streamline your wardrobe and daily dressing routine — for good. It is the  first crucial step in developing your personal style.  Building knowledge, transforming your space, and creating a clear style framework will transform your thinking about your body, your closet, and your clothing. We also will take those first steps to create leveled-up looks, putting into practice the fundamentals of building a purposeful outfit.

This course is a combination of  class recordings, worksheets, closet and style challenges, and a Closet Audit welcome box with all the things you need to get your closet in tip-top shape.

Please see below for links to purchase based on our sliding scale. Once we receive your registration, you will be invited into our community and our team will send you your Closet Audit welcome box! If you are interested in working with. me  one-on-one,  please contact me directly at

“I finished (my closet) about a month ago and its been game changing. I’m wearing more of my clothes, putting them together in new/different ways, and taking care of my clothes better. It’s been so clarifying too about what styles and colors I like. My ‘before’ closet pics look so chaotic to me now. ‘After’ pics just feel lighter. I also had many overstuffed drawers that I pared down significantly and are all hanging now. Amazingly, it still looks like the photos even though it’s been a month!”


Week 1

Building Knowledge & Style Framework: Intro to Lifestyle, Body Shape, and Personal Style

We build your style framework by  defining your lifestyle, taking measurements to understand your shape and the goals around dressing your shape, and reviewing style archetype visuals to document your personal style. 

Week 2

The Tools: Closet Audit Prep & Knowledge Building

We will provide key information about clothing consumption/waste, the Closet Audit Intensive tools you will use to audit your closet, strategies to make decisions about what should stay/go, tailoring, how to handle clothing that is leaving your closet (donate, recycle, etc.). 

Week 3

The Action: Closet Audit Kick Off!

We start work on our closets during this third week. There will be materials that will help keep you focused on your “style north,”  including a wardrobe essentials worksheet to fill out. We have ways for you to document your work and remain accountable to  your style and closet goals. 

Week 4

The Celebration: Final Closet Reveals and Next Steps

We celebrate our hard work! We will share before and afters of past closet audit course members, applaud victories and “light bulb” moments, share loose ends we may still be working on, and talk about next steps. 


  • Four class recordings available for replay.

  • PDFs of slideshows from classes.

  • PDFs of worksheets used each week.

  • Membership to The Closet Collaborative community while you are moving through the course work. This includes access to style guides, tutorials, challenges, and support available to members only. 

  • Our comprehensive Closet Audit Manual to walk you through your audit process.

  • Our Wardrobe Essentials checklist spreadsheet.

  • A Closet Audit welcome box of materials to use while reviewing your closet.

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