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Transform Your Style and Relationship to Clothing

*Important Note: This suite of courses  is open only to individuals who have completed the Closet Audit Intensive course or one-on-one work. We kick off work on March 7 and the final day to sign up is Monday, March 6. This spring is our final  offering of these courses.

 We implement our tried-and-true closet+instructional shopping+outfit creation method to cultivate a lasting wardrobe. I have guided thousands of individuals from Closet to Lookbook, eliminating guesswork and transforming their approach to style, shopping and wardrobe.

This three-part style package takes place online over four months in a group setting with individual attention as well. The package is made up of a combination of pre-recorded classes, weekly one-on-one office hours, access to technology, workbooks, and small group work all designed to help you achieve your style goals.

Create Your Style Strategy

During this course we will create a clear style framework using personal style, body shape, and lifestyle discoveries from our Closet Audit Intensive course. This includes a deeper dive into body shape styling; defining personal style archetypes with your very own mood board; putting together a style tips list; setting style goals; creating a budgeted and prioritized list of clothing items that will fill your wardrobe gaps; and formulating a concise color story.

The Style Strategy class includes class recordings each week, small group work, office hours, access to technology to create your style blueprint, and worksheets to help fine-tune your plan. The final product of our work together  will be a PDF of your very own Closet Collaborative Style Report. This detailed report will serve as a style reference tool, a plan to shop smart, and a framework for a wardrobe that works for you.

Purposeful Purchasing

Once we have completed the style strategy course, we move into our Purposeful Purchasing Course. This course is a combination of mindfulness and strategy to keep us focused on shopping for only what we need to get dressed each day and  elevate our personal style.

We will provide brand recommendations, fit instructions, and guidance on how to make hard decisions on what to keep and what to return. We also will have office hours to help assess and provide guidance on fit, tailoring, returns and more. This course includes three class recordings, weekly office hours to answer questions and provide guidance, a curated brand library, tools to help you shop like a pro, and technology to help strategize your shopping.

Outfit Creation and Lookbook

The final course in this wardrobe journey is what I call your Style Capstone Project!  Your closet is in great shape. We have taken time to strategize style and wardrobe. We built a style framework with a deeper understanding of proportion, style personality, and lifestyle.  We shopped with intention. Now it is time to create outfits! This course includes four recorded classes, weekly office hours to help you fine-tune your outfits and style, technology to create outfit collages, style challenges to help you learn the fundamentals of creating an intentional outfit, and, finally, your very own printed Closet Collaborative Lookbook.

We will help you compile your looks — with style tips — into a beautiful lookbook of 35 professional, casual, and dressy going-out outfits. You will never wonder again what to wear!


  • Four months of detailed style work in both group and one-on-one settings.

  • Fourteen class recordings, totaling 18 hours of style knowledge, tools, and action-oriented recommendations.

  • Office hours each week (half-hour sessions) to answer questions and provide personalized attention.

  • Small group work with access to a Zoom room to meet.

  • Step-by-step comprehensive guides, worksheets, and videos to move you through each course with results.

  • Materials to document progress, including private classroom folders to upload photos for discussion in one-on-one office hours and in small groups.

  • Access to technology in a private classroom to create style strategies, put together a digital and printed look book, and more.

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