Welcome to 2021! We are in the new year, but not much  has changed…yet. Many of us are still working from home  and on daily Zoom calls. One of the elements of personal style that I stepped up this past year was my accessory game. Meeting clients on Zoom, I often felt I needed a bit more “oomph” with my jewelry since I wasn’t adding interest by layering clothing, wearing a statement shoe, or any of my other go-to ways to finish a look. Having a few go-to accessory sets to pair with a simple top and bottom (and slippers) makes at-home dressing easy…and more fun! And, they work great outside of the Zoom realm too.



Larger Necklace + Smaller Earrings

A longer pendant necklace is one of my go-to accessory recommendations. It finishes pretty much any look and lengthens the neckline. However, at home and on Zoom, I have been shortening my longer necklaces to a Princess or Matinee length. I knot the back to shorten, but you can also take a safety pin to DIY shorten the chain. This changes the profile of a longer pendant necklace to more of a statement necklace, which shortens the neckline.

Pair a necklace that has more going on with a small earring. Here I have tiny hoops that play like stud earrings.

Larger Necklace + Larger Stud Earring

Another option for a shorter chunkier necklace is to pair with a large stud earring. This earring is not quite the size of a statement earring and it does not dangle, which would compete with the necklace.  But, it does draw more attention then the smaller earring in example 1.

In terms of gold or silver, I generally opt to wear “cool” tones together (silver, gunmetal, etc.) and “warm” tones together (brass, gold, etc.).  You absolutely can mix metals, but it should be on purpose. For example you can layer gold and silver necklaces (see example 3) and then wear gold or silver earrings. Wearing a gold necklace with silver earrings feels more accidental and less intentional.







Delicate Layering + Larger Earrings

Layering necklaces — particularly layering of fine, delicate pieces — has been everywhere over the past several seasons. We worked with clients on creating these  lovely combinations. One of my personal go-to “bundles” is to pair the delicate layers with larger hoop earrings. Feel free to pair with any type of larger earring.








Collar Necklace + Smaller Earrings

I also have been wearing my shorter collar/choker  necklaces lately because they make more sense in Zoom screens that usually only show from the shoulder up. It does feel a bit crowded to pair with a larger earring so I have opted for smaller ones. This tiny hoop that hugs my ear is one of my favorites.







Statement Earrings, No Necklace

I have also really enjoyed wearing a top/blouse and a pair of giant earrings that frame the face. No necklace needed here!