This spring, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with seven Delaware teachers for four days, styling them and appearing in a series of makeover videos. I had embarked on this National Education Association project for the first time last year. This year they upped the ante by having DC Style Factory complete makeovers for three main teachers AND adding four more teachers for quick “style tips” segments to address wardrobe questions from teachers across the country.

The  16-hour days, scrambling to make sure we got fit right, working to make sure we nailed each teacher’s personal style…by the end let’s just say I didn’t move a muscle for 24 hours. Each minute was worth it though — with its emotional moments, silliness, laughter and joy. Each teacher had their own story and I was honored to be able to be a small part of highlighting all they do on a daily basis for our children.

The experience was not just a highlight in my career as style pro, but also for me personally. A special thank you to Sapling Pictures for telling a helluva story; my fantastic assistant N’jeri who was with me every step, helping pull, plan outfits, run returns and more; the talented on-set makeup artist who beautified us all; and of course the wonderful teachers who took part in this inspiring effort.