I first met Denisa at a style workshop at Lilith Paris in City Center. I was floored by this one piece she had completed for her final art school project: a massive show-stopping red “seaweed” acrylic collar necklace that ended up a part of her Berries collection. Since finding her, I have pulled and recommended her jewelry to clients searching for something truly unique and custom.
After meeting, our paths would continually cross through mutual friends and colleagues, including Denisa’s work with my wonderful friend Stephanie David of PopNod. Our likeminded business philosophies led to a mutual respect and eventually…this collaboration.
I am so thrilled to introduce the Denisa Piatti x DC Style Factory  collection this fall! The small collection of earrings and necklace styles are a love letter to my clients because I was thinking of all you as we brainstormed what these pieces would be, the materials, and styles. The inspiration behind the pieces was to take the organic shapes Denisa is known for in her jewelry pieces and give it that DC Style Factory flavor and versatility. I wanted the pieces to be downtown funky, chic and eclectic but most importantly, wearable with any and every outfit. They had to be memorable in design in scale, but muted enough to go with any ensemble.
I knew right away I wanted some large hoop earrings. I have been wearing large gold hoops since I was a teenager and they are always my go-to to add flair to an outfit. The seaweed shape in the large hoop brass hoop earring? I knew it would be perfection.
The next type of jewelry I wanted was a pendant necklace. If you have worked with me, you know this style of necklace is usually the first type of jewelry we will recommend to any client. It is always flattering and works for professional or off-duty looks.
We then discussed materials. Denisa is known for mixing color acrylic with metal pieces into artistic revelations. She plays with form in a way I have never seen in modern jewelry. Denisa’s collection feels custom and for reserved for special events. I own a Denisa Piatti piece and I do NOT wear it everyday. It comes out on truly special occasions.
I wanted our collaboration to be a little different —  a mix of metals that would have everyday versatility. My favorite jewelry metals are brass and gunmetal. They both have an edgier more modern feel than gold or sterling silver. I knew right away I wanted to explore using these metals.
Denisa got to work, making suggestions along the way, including adding a smaller hoop for the woman who doesn’t wear large earrings. Her process is so meticulous, I knew the finished product would incorporate my concept and style with her signature artistic vision.
She tested the earrings to make sure they were light enough to wear all day. She put them through her quality control channels as well. The results exceeded what I had imagined they would or could be.
And now it’s time to share them with all of you! Please join us in celebrating the launch of this collection at one of our favorite local boutiques — The Hive in Old Town. Pieces will be available for sale at the event, and I also will be available to offer styling help! A special thank you to our friends at The Hive for hosting us and Dangerously Delicious Pies for the delicious treats.
Register for the event today! We can’t wait to see you there!