Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel when it comes to your closet and style? It’s time to get off.

It’s not only time to get off, but it’s time to stop treating our closets like trash receptacles. We want to stop the rotating in-and-out of disposable clothing and the mish mosh of all the things that don’t ever seem to work together.

I  believe personal style is self care. We all do it every day — interact with our closet space, put on clothing, wash our clothes, store our clothes. My goal with each of my clients is to reframe these daily acts to be one of intentional self care and ultimately an easy, joyful experience.

The Closet Collaborative is a community of like-minded individuals who believe that personal style is not a “luxury” and only for those with access to resources.  We all should have that wonderful feeling of getting dressed each day in clothing that fits well and makes us feel like, “Yes world. I’m coming for you.” Our work together here in The Closet Collaborative building knowledge, awareness, compassion, and generosity will get us there. We can’t do this as isolated individuals. We can only do this as part of a community.

The Goal

Do you know what you want from your clothing other than to keep you clothed? 

I believe there is an easier, better way to do  life each and every day — starting the minute you get out of bed and walk over to your closet. Our goal working together is to create a closet system and personal style that makes you happy, and saves you time and money.  I want your clothes to feel great on your body. I want them to make sense for your life. I want us all to learn the impact our consumption has on the world so we can make wise decisions for ourselves and our communities. 

A face mask or a bubble bath feels really nice, but doing something to change old patterns that don’t serve you? That is true self care and that is the purpose of this community.

The Community

Have you ever thought that the way we all make good decisions AND keep making them is through the support of a community?

Many people shop for sport, as a reward, to socialize with friends, etc. The act of wanting to spend time with others doing a mutually enjoyable activity is not a bad thing. But when it comes to consumption…well, we often end up frustrated with lots of stuff we don’t want or need. I wanted to create something that would feel just as fun as shopping with friends, but instead of that shopping “fix,” this something would prioritize what is best for you today. Can we support each other through an intentional style and wardrobe? Yes we can and we will!

How it Works

The Closet Collaborative is a membership community that features closet and style courses, expert style guidance, group support, friendship, and more. Our first course and entry into this community is our signature DC Style Factory Closet Audit.  By purchasing this first course you will receive:

  • One year of  unlimited access to our new community through a powerful and easy-to-use platform. You can interact in a safe space with members of our growing community on style, wardrobe, body issues, and more. I will also have monthly expert content for this group to keep you present and active in your style and wardrobe journey. This is a place for you to come exactly as you are to learn and grow with gentle, guided support.
  • The Closet Audit course. Kick off your membership with four weeks of organized and comprehensive guided group work. We will use signature DC Style Factory tools to help you understand your personal style and work on your closet as if I was there next to you. This includes our Closet Audit manual, our Closet Audit Funnel tool, and a wardrobe essentials worksheet using our Clothing Purpose Practice method.
  • A box of Closet Audit supplies and goodies mailed to your home. This includes tailoring tags, pins, a tape measure, signs, stickers and more to help you go through your closet effectively.
  • Three weekly group Zoom calls facilitated by me during each stage of the Closet Audit intensive.
  • Weekly Office Hours with me for your individual closet questions during the four-week Closet Audit intensive. I also share these questions in our group anonymously so we may all learn and grow.
  • Daily style tips and closet considerations that will help you move through the Closet Audit intensive.
  • Monthly check-ins with the group on closet system, challenges, style work, etc. following the four-week intensive.
  • As part of this first introductory group, I also will have special pricing for new product and course launches in 2021 (Form & Function: Dressing Your Shape, Shop with Care, Smart Styling: Outfit Creation & Lookbook).


Join The Closet Collaborative

Please read carefully about our sliding scale pricing system. The membership fee includes the Closet Audit course + unlimited membership into DC Style Factory’s Closet Collaborative.

The Self Care You Deserve – $325

The $325 one-year membership fee provides access to our services to those who have less income due to systemic social injustice and privileges. This rate is for you if:

  • you are able to meet basic needs but have limited expendable income.
  • paying for styling services may qualify as a sacrifice, but it would not create hardship ( i.e. you have to forgo some evenings out to pay for styling services).
  • you have dependents or are supporting family members
  • you have significant institutional debt (student loans, tax debt, etc.)
  • you have significant health medical bills

We also have the option of a monthly payment plan at the $325 membership rate. You may pay in installments of $50/month for seven months. Please contact us at to set this up.



Keep the Lights On – $550

This one-year member fee enables us to develop, produce, and ship high-quality  styling products and services.  This rate is for you if you:

  • own the home you live in
  • have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money
  • travel recreationally
  • work part-time by choice
  • may have dependents or are supporting family members
  • may have significant institutional debt (student loans, tax debt, etc.)
  • have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education. Even if you are not currently exercising your earning power, this is a question of privilege tied to earning potential. 



Pay it Forward – $725

When you pay this rate for your one-year membership, you are supporting members of our community to access this service at the $325 rate.  It is an opportunity to not only receive top-notch styling services and products, but also to support  fellow community members receive the self care we all deserve. This rate is for you if you:

  • own the home you live in
  • possibly own a second home
  • have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money
  • travel recreationally
  • have access to family money and resources in times of need
  • work part-time by choice
  • have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education.
  • Even if you are not currently exercising your earning power, this is a question of privilege tied to earning potential. 



UPDATE: Membership is currently closed for Winter 2021. Please email with questions and to be added to our waiting list for our next session. 

When: The first Zoom meeting for this group to kick off our Closet Audit work will be on February 1 at 1 pm.  The Zoom calls will be scheduled on Mondays at 1 pm each week from February 1 – February 22. They will be recorded for replay, but we do strongly recommend you block this time for yourself to attend in person.  Working directly with the group and me will connect you to our community and have more impact on the work you do for yourself.

All communication will be via email or through posts on our Mighty Networks platform. You will receive access to this along with a welcome email, pre-work, and mailed Closet Audit materials on January 26, prior to our first group Zoom call on February 1.   

Space is limited at each price level. Last day to sign up is Friday, January 22 at 5 pm.

The one-year memberships are not refundable or transferable.

I am beyond thrilled to be building this community, and I look forward to working with each of you on your closet and style. Feel free to email me at with any questions.  Also follow along on Instagram at @dcstylefactory for special giveaways during the registration period.