Who would have thought it would the socially responsible thing to not leave your house?  As crazy as it sounds, here we are. We are making the best of it with remote work, exercise, cleaning, cooking, organizing, and Netflix. Yes it’s extreme and scary and I wish I could go see clients and do the work I love in person. At the same time, I am simply making the most of it and adjusting.

Part of that adjustment is wardrobe. I’m not the first stylist to tell you the importance of getting dressed each day. Yes to using wardrobe as a tool to feel functional. Yes to feeling alive and productive. Yes to doing all the things that will make you feel some semblance of normal during this time. But, also yes to accepting that it’s not the same and won’t be for quite some time.

From the wardrobe perspective, adopting the same exact clothing you would wear into the office can leave you feeling empty — as if you are dressing for some other life.  When we work with a client, we dress them for their lifestyle. If it doesn’t make sense for what you are doing on a day-to-day basis,  you’re not going to wear it. For example, that power suit and heels certainly doesn’t make sense if you are behind a computer in your home office all day sending emails and fielding phone calls. At the same time, it also doesn’t mean you need an entirely new wardrobe of pajama-like loungewear that looks and feels like you should be deep in REM sleep. It is something in the middle. And, most importantly, it doesn’t look the same for everyone.

For me, the key has been to wear what I already own, but make it comfy.  That has been two-piece dressing: jeans and a top (sometimes a belt) and my beloved Ugg slippers. Easy, comfy, and makes me feel good except….the slippers. We are a no-shoe house and that means when I am home, I am barefoot or in my Ugg slippers. They are what I put on when I am lounging on a Sunday or getting ready for bed on a weeknight. I love my slippers, but my routine is to wear them when I am winding down for the day — not when I am ramping up.

I found myself wanting to inject a little fun into my new work-from-home-but-never-leave-the-house vibe. And I knew exactly what would do the trick: house shoes. Yes, Little Edie was on to something and I’m taking a page right from the Grey Gardens playbook. Here are the house shoes I found and ordered for myself!

Daniel Green 

I wanted a metallic slipper that felt a little fancy and these Daniel Green Glamour Slippers with a little wedge looked like they would fit the bill. My wonderful friend and client, KC, who has impeccable style, sent them my way.  I ordered them in the gold and the gunmetal finishes. They just arrived. Love them, but I suggest ordering 1/2 a size up. I ordered my regular 6.5 and they fit, but were snug. I want a house shoe that just slides on!


Jill Burrows 

These are MY slippers! The minute I saw the Jill Burrows Gold & Forest Green Indoor Slippers I knew. They have a cool, minimal design and love the fold-down green back. As of this post, they have not yet arrived so can’t assess the comfort. I will be sure to update you on Instastories on the fit. I did order a size 7 per the recommendations for a looser more “slipper like” feel.



Birdies have created a name for shoes that function inside and outside. The rubber sole is where it’s at! I have not tried the brand, but figure now is as good of a time as ever as I hunt for the perfect house shoe. I really did not want a shoe that looked like loafers I would wear outside and the Phoebe style looked like it could be a good option. I ordered it in both colorways to try. I will let you know on Instastories what I think when they arrive!


Kaanas at Wrabyn

Of course I had to reach out to my boutique partners to see what fabulousness they had in store! When I texted Wendy over at Wrabyn in Annapolis, she immediately sent me several options for open-toe slides. This Santorini pair caught my eye and I know once we are able to venture out again, they will be the perfect warm weather sandal. You don’t have to be local to purchase. The boutique does have an online shop that ships around the country.

Vince at The Shoe Hive

I had to throw in a cozy pair too! This Vince Kalina slipper available at The Shoe Hive reminds me of my beloved Adidas slides, but infinitely more luxurious. You don’t have to be local to purchase. The boutique does have an online shop that ships around the country.