Georgetown cool, which usually involves lots of money and expensive stuff, was the vibe of Lost Boys’ winter look book celebration last night. Lots of flawlessly dressed people quietly milling about as jazz music played in the background.

Stuart and I started off with dinner at Hook first so I was feeling a little bloated and thanking my lucky stars I decided to strap on my Spanx before jumping in my car. A few blocks down, we neared the Lost Boys men’s boutique on 31st Street (down near the water). We were warmly greeted at the door by the owner’s two lovely assistants who checked us of the RSVP list and ushered us in.

We immediately started perusing the racks. I am intimately familiar with many of Lost Boys’ brands (Steven Alan, Rogues Gallery, Shipley and Halmos) and had been excited when I found out they would be carrying Nom de Guerre — one of my favorite men’s lines since I discovered its hidden, underground gem-of-a-store on a busy corner of Broadway and Bleeker in New York City years ago. I was on a buying trip and checking out a then relatively unknown denim line, Corpus, when I was punched straight in the gut by this line of simple, clean yet undeniably modern and on-trend clothing for guys. Love at first sight. Carried in the store for several seasons and was hoping I’d see it in D.C. again soon. (By the way, you can now buy Corpus at Redeem on 14th.)

So, there I was drooling over the Fall/Winter line, which felt so much more grown up in this meticulous store of shiny dark hardwood. Who knew Nom de Guerre could feel so…D.C.? After stroking some of the buttondowns, we walked toward the back and met some of the D.C. United guys — the subject of this season’s look book. Kelly Muccio had these guys styled GQ perfectly in the look book. Dressed in mostly sophisticated grays, blacks and whites, they were the epitome of “the decadence and intrigue of the 1920s” Muccio was going for. She chose to work with the local soccer studs because they are “the embodiment of rugged cool style. A perfect fit for winter’s white hot looks.” Nice.

Seeing them in person, they looked so…young. (Or, maybe I’m just getting old-er.) After asking them a few questions, it became obvious that they were, indeed, young. Young makes for pretty pictures, though. No denying that.

We chatted up a few of the guests, the owner, posed for some pictures, and decided to head out,  forgoing the Ritz Carlton after-party in favor of our warm beds. Sorry Kelly and company! We’re now looking forward to what Ms. Muccio comes up with for her Spring look book. Who will the subjects be? Maybe some candidates on The Hill? Can’t wait…

In the meantime, check out the look book online (that’s Rodney Wallace striking a pose above) and pics from last night’s event.

Stuart with Clyde Simms and Rodney Wallace of DC United

Lost Boys’ owner, Kelly Muccio with Chris Pontius of DC United

The “other” Kelly of Lost Boys with guests

Mingling outside the boutique

Dogs were welcome, but only if they were perfectly coiffed and really, really little.