Where does the clothing go after a closet audit?

So we’ve gone through your entire wardrobe and pulled out items that don’t fit or no longer work for you. We take them away in bags and you are left feeling lighter…freer. Where  exactly do we bring those bags filled with clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.?

Right here:



This is the professional arm of A Wider Circle — a nonprofit organization in Silver Spring, Md.  with a  “mission of helping children and adults lift themselves out of poverty.” The organization addresses the “whole person” with programs that not only meet people’s tangible needs, but also what founder, Dr. Mark Bergel, calls “inner needs.”

One way A Wider Circle addresses these “inner needs” is through educational programming for job preparedness that includes resume-writing, interview skills, career path identification, among other topics. Job coaches are provided to every participant. Access to computers for resume-writing and job searching is also provided.

A Wider Circle’s Center for Professional Development also includes a well-stocked showroom of professional attire and accessories, which is where DC Style Factory donates clients’ clothing.

My daughter and I toured the showroom last month nd I was impressed with the wide array of clothing, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and impeccably organized floor.  It was such an wonderful moment seeing all  those racks of clothing and knowing that pieces my clients no longer can use are going to people who need the right look to make those strides in life we all want.

My daughter even picked out her favorite dress:


I want to thank all my clients for their generosity. That suit that no longer fits? Well, it may just be getting someone their dream job.

This article is part of the Inside DC Style Factory series,  highlighting how we work and some of our most popular services.