Over the summer I had the opportunity to work with one of my favorite clients, Julie Waters. Not only is she so, so fun to work, but she is always game to be featured so we all can be inspired and learn.

We have done all the things for her wardrobe: closet audit, shopping, and outfit creation. She is set with her wardrobe for a good long time, but with life shifting to all-casual at-home looks, she wanted some help accessorizing in a less statement way that would finish all the casual looks we had created.  So, we got to work creating a wardrobe of layered necklace looks.

First step is to get the vocabulary and necklaces lengths straight. Chokers are 14-16 inches (high up on neck), princess length is 18 inches (high up on breast bone), matinee length is 20-24 inches (mid-breast bone to right above the bustline), opera length is 30 inches (past bustline but above belly button), and finally rope necklaces are 35 inches (hit the belly button).

Second is to group the necklaces you have or plan to purchase into the appropriate categories. We shopped one of my favorite local boutiques for modern, delicate jewelry, She’s Unique in Alexandria, Virginia. We then grouped all her necklaces by length:

Choker: 14-16 inches

  • Shimmer necklace
  • Figaro necklace

Princess: 18 inches

  • Ellie Vail lariat necklace
  • Leaf necklace

Matinee: 20-24 inches

  • Double coin necklace
  • Crystal ball necklace

Opera: 30 inches

  • Bar pendant

Now our team was ready to start creating layered looks for Julie to try!  I stick to 2-3 necklaces for everyday layered looks. More than three can start to feel messy.

This layered look is all about an intentionally “tangled” look where shorter necklaces of similar lengths are layered almost on top of each other. The key to this look is that although they are technically all choker length necklaces, they do still vary slightly in length and also chain style. There is a very short, very delicate chain high up on the neck, a heavier chain link necklace right that is slightly longer, and finally a coin necklace that is less than an inch or less longer than the chain link.

This look is perfect for a wide-neck tee. It is so delicate it feels like the a shimmer around the neckline. Each necklace is an inch or less difference in length.

This last layered necklace look is the boldest. It’s great to dress up a crewneck tee. A fun shortcut is to purchase a built-in layered coin necklace Julie has on here. Then layer a third necklace. For this one, we selected an opera-length bar pendant necklace. But, she could also select one of her shorter choker necklaces to create a layered look higher up on her neck.

Love how Julie’s necklace looks turned out! Are you ready to try out layering your necklaces?