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My morning coffee is always a quiet time for me to read, think, write, plan, and discover.

Every couple of weeks(ish), I send out a Monday email to share what has been inspiring and challenging me.

Yes, my newsletter is about what is happening inside The Closet Collaborative. I also talk about style, clothing consumption, books, movies, music, social issues, and much, much more.

I share links to resources. I discuss things that are challenging me to think and move differently through life.


  • Reflections on wardrobe, style, family, and more.

  • Style tips.

  • A style challenge.

  • Quotes that have stayed with me.

  • A curated list of what I have been listening to, reading, and watching.

  • My latest wardrobe offerings (classes, downloadables, etc.)

“Thanks for these though-provoking newsletters!”

– Elizabeth

“These newsletters are amazing and I feel like I learn something new with each one. Thanks for putting so much care into everything you do, Rosana!”

– Shelly

“Love this digest…it is always a must-read & helps me learn something new.”

– Samantha

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