It crept up on me too. So now it’s here. And unless you get snowed in, you’re going out.  And need to look good. No time for shopping. No time for a last-minute red dress. Just no time! It’s just you and your closet. So here’s what you’re going to do. You are going to close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And step…inside.

First step: Forget color. Don’t get caught up in trying to find something pink or red or cobalt blue or purple unless it is readily available. Find something black and simple. Black trousers, black jeans (not faded),  dark dark blue skinny jeans, little black dress….you get the idea. If all you have is a black sheath you wear with a suit jacket for business meetings, do it. If you are doing dark bottoms, try a lighter top — even a cream silk buttonup top you wear for work can be transformed. It is impossible not to look chic in black or black and white.

Second step: Add sparkle. Don’t worry about how you add it, just add it. Those chandelier earrings your Aunt Helen gave you  but you never wear? Do it. Shimmery top with the black pants? Perfect. a gem-encrusted necklace, cheap sparkly cuff from H&M? Yes!  Mix cool (silver, diamonds) with warm (gold, bronze) to add another dimension to your look without overcomplicating it.

Third step: Wear heels. Your hottest ones.They can be as low as kitten heels. If you have to do flats, at least do a pointed toe (or the closest possible) to elongate your leg line. Your dress does not have to be the hottest dress, but your shoes have to be your hottest shoes. If you  have something with color (red!) or texture, even better.  Make sure the tone of your shoes matches the tone of your jewelry (cool or warm).

Fourth step: Purse. if you don’t have a clutch, take your shoulder bag and tuck the strap inside. Wahlah! Oversize clutch.  If you only have a hobo or something slouchier, no bag. If you have a bag that is a pop of color and your shoe is neutral, do the color. If you have already done a pop of color in your shoe, go with neutral bag.

Fifth step: Red lip. The power of the lip! If your shoe or bag is red, it is a nice tie-in and finishes your look.

For layering,  do a cardigan over your shoulders like a shawl. If you have a black blazer, love a sexy “tuxedo” look for Valentine’s day. Push the sleeves up so it is less office-y.


Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Look #1:

valentine's day -fast and easy




Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Look #2:

valentines day easy

* Unbutton blouse to under the bustline so cami is showing.