Earlier this summer inside The Closet Collaborative, we had questions about how to accessorize. Whenever I hear this question, I know the person is asking how to make accessories effortlessly and easily a daily part their dressing routine.

These questions pop up especially key in the summer when it’s hot and many of us aren’t layering with a “third piece” (jacket, blazer, etc.) to complete a look. We are relying more on shoes and accessories to really elevate our summer style.

You know how there are photo editing presets to make photo editing easier? Time to create your accessory presets to make daily personal style easier!

Accessories as Bookends

Accessorizing  can be fun and easy with a little planning and strategy. The first step is to think of them as your outfit “bookends” to your outfit. Whatever “books” (clothing pieces) are in between are held up by your cohesive accessories. Create “warm” and “cool” accessory bundles/sets to wear with any outfit and your look will always, always make sense.

These pre-set shoe/accessory/jewelry bundles help you easily step up even your most casual outfits. Your outfit can be as simple as a t-shirt and denim shorts. If you have accessory sets ready to go, you can dress up that look in a snap with your “bookends.”

Create Presets

Taking some time to put together and document several warm and cool sets will save you time. It will also help you strategize what you might need in your accessory wardrobe. Some bundle examples are:

  • Silver stud earrings + silver pendant necklace + snakeskin (belt or shoes)
  • Gold hoop earrings + gold layered necklaces + cheetah print flats
  • Scarf with white and any cool blue or green tones + silver studs earrings + snakeskin flats
  • Cheetah print sandals + luggage brown belt + gold earrings + layered gold necklaces
  • Tie+sock

Here are a few accessory presets to get your creative juices flowing. Tap on the thumbnail to view!