We’re all settling into a rhythm.  Our #stayhome #staysafe days are becoming the new routine and we are adjusting to life as we shelter in place.  After more or less a month of teleworking in your yoga pants and sweatshirt, you may be thinking it it is time to make a few tweaks to your daily routine so that you feel like your best self when you literally face the parade of conference calls. One of the questions we have been getting over the past few weeks is not just what to wear when you are working form home, but more specifically, what to wear on Zoom calls.

So we decided we we not only do a blog post with our top  tips for Zoom calls, but also an IGTV video to see all the tips in action! Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@dcstylefactory) as we continue to provide content designed to help you during this time.

Here are our top five tips to level up your Zoom style game!

Wear color.

Wearing color, particularly saturated hues, will brighten your mood and cast a flattering light on your face when you are video conferencing.  Ideally, choose your best color. This is the color that flatters/brightens your skin tone. Jewel tones also work well on camera. But anything not black or white will lift your spirits and flatter your on-screen complexion.  For me, an orange-red is my magic color and Rosana favors merlot.  One caution is to tread sparingly with busy prints as they can bleed or be a distraction on screen.

Dress on the bottom too.

Avoid day-after-day of yoga pants or pajama bottoms.  Yes, you are right that no one will see your bottom half on screen, but you want to convey energy and your posture is one way to do that. We guarantee that you will sit up straighter in pants that button or have structure than in athleisure. Also, you never know if you may need to get up unexpectedly during the meeting to grab a pen, a document, etc. You don’t want to get caught unexpectedly in pajama bottoms!

Accessorize, but keep it simple.

Earrings and a small charm necklace work best on video calls. Too bold jewelry can distract. Think of how you would dress for a professional headshot. It is the same idea.

Add a third piece for more formal Zoom meetings. 

Most Zoom meetings, even with professional colleagues, only require a nice blouse. Sometimes a jacket can feel forced in a Zoom call. We are all at home,  and none of us is even considering wearing a super tailored suit jacket to  sit in our home office. However,  if it is an important, high-profile virtual meeting with your boss or an important client, adding a blazer will step up your Zoom meeting look. We recommend a solid color — burgundy, cobalt blue, and navy all work.  DCSF always recommends a third piece to really put an outfit together and right now that extra step is especially important if the meeting level calls for it. This conveys  that you are focused, professional, and engaged.

House shoes.

Ok this has nothing to do with Zoom calls, but it is about creating work-day routine for yourself. Again, no one is going to see your feet, but bare feet don’t feel luxe or polished, and it is just silly to think we will wear work pumps or flats around the house. Have a look through your shoes and see if there is a pair that can become your house shoes. Something comfortable and flat, ideally that has never been worn outside. This will add some polish to your daily look and remind you that you are out of bed and ready to tackle the day! Rosana invested in a pair of beautiful gold house shoes, and I’m considering a pair of Birdies rubber sole flats for the same purpose.

For more tips on lighting, Zoom call setups, makeup, and more, check out our latest IGTV video and follow us on Instagram (@dcstylefatory). We are also offering one-hour style consults to help you find a location in your home for your Zoom setup and best options for your Zoom looks. Email us at dstylefactory@gmail.com for more information.