There are a million different styles and ways to work scarves into your wardrobe. Personally, I love switching up my look with silk square, kerchief, rectangular, fringe, etc. But, our clients often tell us  the silk square ones feel matronly or like a flight attendant. The kerchief feels like it’s trying-to-hard-you-ain’t-French. And, the fringed pashminas feel too bulky.

I am going to break it down for you: you don’t have to have a million scarf styles and ways to tie them. You will always look cool, effortless, and chic in one, and only one,  scarf style. Drum roll please….

A longer rectangular scarf.

First, select a fabric that is a wool/silk blend, cashmere/silk, tissue-weight cashmere, poly-blend, modal or modal blend for less bulk and better drape. Then, you only need to master a couple ways to tie this bad boy.

The Once-Around Hanging Out

The easiest way to tie a long rectangular scarf is to

  • Hold your scarf around your neck and pull one side down so it’s a little longer than the other side.
  • Take the longer side and wrap around your neck once so now  it’s the shorter “tail.”
  • Pull down the loop around your neck to create a cowl.
  • Make any adjustments so it feels comfortable and not too tight around your neck.
  • Adjust the scarf “tails” hanging in front so they are uneven – one side a bit shorter than the other as pictured above and below.

Yes, you are done! That’s it! This a great way to wear a scarf as part of your weekend look. Insta-chic!

You can also do this same once-around  cowl, but then tie in the front to keep it in place. Note the ends are still uneven. Lining them up perfectly looks a little too done. You want your scarf to feel je ne sais quoi!

The Long Hanging Knot

You can also tie a knot in the front a dressier look to the scarf. The knotted look is great for a business casual outfit as pictured below.

  • You simply hang the long scarf around your neck with the “tails” ends hanging on either side.
  • In this case, they can be even or uneven — you choose!
  • Tie a double knot and then pull one end of the scarf through the neck loop.
  • Make another tie.
  • Push on the knot or loosen it if it is sticking out too far.

Done and done! Tell us, what are your favorite, easy scarf ties?