We had a client this week who had lots of black pants.Lots and lots and lots and lots of black pants. Like as in she pretty much never wore anything BUT black pants. The goal eventually is to give her more options and break her out of that black-pants-only rut, but in the meantime (and since this was a Shop-Your-Closet appointment) we wanted to see if we could reinvigorate those dark trousers using what she already owned.

When we arrived


As a busy attorney, wife, and mother of two teens, she needed looks that remained classic but that had more style and felt more current. We used three techniques to do liven up her black trousers for work.


Pattern and Texture

We paired a striped cardigan with a black lace top.  The look is simple and clean, but the texture of the lace with the stripes adds depth and interest to her look.



Our client had color in her wardrobe, but was used to wearing only one color paired with all neutrals. We wanted to have some fun with color-blocking and give her something slightly unexpected but still very wearable and office-appropriate.



For our last look, we paired the black pants with a boxy, swingy jacket, which is very on-trend right now (she was happy to find out). The purple blouse underneath adds just a pop of color that draws your eye up and lets the jacket shape really stand out against the rest of the outfit.


*Note: Our client loves simple, simple (or no) accessories so we had her add a beautiful gold chain with a small coin pendant to each look.

What ways have you breathed new life into a basic?