Girls in Tweed, Adam Connelly on Flicker

Oakland Tweed Ride, Adam Connelly on Flickr

I don’t know what I love more about this  I Feel the Need for Tweed article on Divine Caroline…the headline or the pictures. They both had me smiling, wanting to jump on my not-nearly-as-fashionable beach cruiser, and topping it all off with a jaunty little tweed cap.

To work your own Oliver Twist-chic look, check out the Baily tweed caps (black and brown) at the Georgetown outpost of Proper Topper. And, to work your inner dandiness, get your pedal on at the first-ever D.C. Tweed Ride this Sunday.

No spandex please.

London Tweed Ride, Matthew J. Shaw

London Tweed Ride, Matthew J. Shaw


Tweed Ride, San Francisco

Tweed Ride, San Francisco,