One of my favorite things about the time of year is annual roundup lists. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ Best Of Fashion List? And who doesn’t love weird fashion moments? The weirder the better, right? I was reminded today of my personal favorite bizarro moment of the year: Alexander McQueen’s lobster claw shoe, which was snatched up by Lady GaGa for her Bad Romance video, natch.

These shoes were a stroke of completely unwearable, mad genius.  My dream scenario is to see a Washingtonian rockin’ these ankle-breaking shoes. (It almost seems like not enough to call them “shoes.” Like they should be something more. Like Ultimate Fighter Foot Armour.) Can’t you see it now?  Pelosi + Sparkly Claw Feet = Bad Ass.

Anyhow, enjoy the rest of Refinery 29’s 2009 Craziest Fashion Moments list and feel free to  share some of your weirdest fashion moments of the year!