It has been a busy month at DC Style Factory as we continue to navigate working with our clients in this new environment. We stopped seeing clients in-person on March 13. For the next two weeks, our team scrambled to shift local clients on our calendars for March and April to our remote process. I am thankful that three years ago, I developed, vetted, and fine-tuned remote styling services that have effectively delivered wardrobe services to clients living in other parts of the country. It has always been a smaller segment of our business with the bulk of our styling done in-person with DC metro-area clients.

That has now all changed. We are auditing closets, shopping, and creating outfits with clients — all remotely. Having this system in place helped make the transition to working remotely with local clients less cumbersome and stressful.

I have also been developing content that I think will be helpful to our community during this time. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see that there has been an uptick in Instagram posts, blog posts, IGTV videos, and Instagram lives. I also plan to ramp up our newsletter.

One benefit to being at home, settling down, enjoying stillness is there is time to think, dream, and create. We have a one-two-three step styling process that works. I am proud of our in-person and remote process. It is comprehensive and thorough, but also streamlined and effective. Our clients are changed for the better when they work with us. So what could be missing?

What has always been missing and something that has been on my mind for several years now: a service at an entry price point that would still provide tools, information, and a solid, actionable style/wardrobe plan. It is not styling to get you to shop. It is styling to empower you to make your life better and easier. 

And without further ado, I am thrilled to announce our latest styling service: Style Define!

Style Define is a one-hour remote service that provides new clients with a starter kit of tools to create a functional wardrobe. With one of our style experts, you will define your personal style, shape, and lifestyle to create a framework for a purposeful look that is all your own. This service includes a Zoom video consult to:

  • review mood boards to define your personal style,
  • take measurements to establish your shape,
  • discuss your lifestyle, wardrobe pain points, and more. 

After your consult, you will receive your very own DCSF Style Guide that will include personalized tips for body type dressing, wardrobe goals, a visuals page for your style defined, and a list of eight targeted closet essentials for your lifestyle.

If you have been putting off investing in yourself and your wardrobe, this service is for you. Email for more information and booking instructions.