At DC Style Factory not only do we style our clients, but we troubleshoot their wardrobe problems. One of the most common questions we get from our clients, men and women, is how to manage sweat under work attire.  Believe it or not, it’s a question we get more in the winter than the summer here in the DMV. With the office heat cranked up, folks sweat inside much more during cold season.

Remember, the key is to have a base layer made of a combination of sweat absorbent and sweat-wicking material, not sweat-wicking only. High performance, sweat-removing shirts, with their polyester-blended fabrics and chemical treatments, pull perspiration away from the skin and push it through the clothing’s surface, where it evaporates. The result is a comfortable, dry workout. But, in the office as an undershirt or blouse/shirt under a jacket? This material will pull perspiration away from your skin out through the base layer and onto your visible outer layer.

Here are strategies and base layer options for you to try if you are finding that sweat is ruining your clothing!

1.) If you do use antiperspirants, try applying at night before bed. Your skin is drier and the antiperspirant will be more effective EVEN after you shower in the morning. You don’t need to reapply.

2.) If your white clothing is yellowed from sweat,  try Oxiclean or this home DIY solution to remove stains.

3.) Pay attention to your clothing color choices. Dark colors like navy or black OR very light colors won’t show sweat. Greys, lighter blues, and bright colors will show sweat right away.

If all that isn’t enough, give one of these sweat-proof layering pieces a try:

1.) The Thompson Tee for men and women. This sweat-proof tee is designed to keep you dry during the day. They have two fabrics — cotton and then a bamboo poly blend for an extra slim fit. This base layer can be worn under other blouses, but you’d need to make sure neckline doesn’t stick out and keep your jacket on so you don’t see the sleeves of your undershirt if you have a sleeveless blouse on. Reviews say it’s “sweat armor for the office warrior.”

2.) Uniqlo AIRism for men and women. These layering pieces are a micro-nylon fabric that not only keeps you dry, but is cool to the touch, comfy, and controls odor,

3.) Numi  for women. These undershirts are beloved by many of our clients. They sell out quick! I love how the scoop is lower, which makes it easier to layer under different work top necklines. Many women I know swear by the company’s “sweat-secret technology.” There is also a double-layer at the armpits for extra protection.

4.) Robert Owen undershirts.  There are regular undershirts on the site, but also sweat-protect micro-modal option that keeps your clothing from being stained.  It is also designed with extra fabric along the side/underarm to ensure you don’t sweat through it and they also have pockets built-in for sweat pads if you desire. I love how deep the vee is and how fitted for a really polished look under a dress shirt.

What are your tips for staying dry and sweat-free in the office?