Getting down to the wire and still need something special for your guy? Fear not. Local shops, boutiques and retailers have that special stocking stuffer just for him.







It’s true that they are invisible to the naked eye, but without them, he’s a flimsy mess. And why not have a little fun with them? These festive confetti-dotted set from London Badge and Button ($40) are available at Caramel. 1603 U Street, NW.

Sick of looking at him in those saggy-crotch jeans that he’s been

APC New Standard Denim.

wearing since, oh, about 1992? Ramp up his denim style with this must-have pair of A.P.C. New Standard Denim. You can’t go wrong with A.P.C.’s high-quality denim — one of the best out there for under $200. This pair can easily work for weekends with a t-shirt, hoodie, and combat boots, or dressed up for business casual with a stripe buttondown, charcoal blazer and dress boots. Available at For the Greater Good. 1781 Florida Ave., NW.

Eyre organic skin products available at The Grooming Lounge.

Australia’s Eyre organic grooming products are made from Ancient Artesian Spring Water. I wasn’t sure what that was, but it sounded really fancy. So we gave it a whirl and guess what? Made my husband’s face as smooth as a baby’s butt. That’s no easy feat when you’re part of the population that grows hair on your face and scrapes a razor across it every few days. If that doesn’t sell you, the line is  also free of harmful chemicals and genetic modification. Plus it isn’t tested on poor Fluffy before it hits your face. Beauty with a conscience; can’t beat that for the holidays.

The Daily Basics Kit ($54) gives your guy a little bit of everything: facial cleanser, shaving cream, travel bag and more. Available at the Grooming Lounge. 1745 L Street, NW.

Yes, ties are just about the most traditional, expected, un-creative, ho-hum gift you can

The Hill-Side chambray tie available at For the Greater Good.

get a guy. Before you go yawning, check out Hill-Side’s selvage chambray ties. Sourcing material from Japan’s denim mecca, Okayama, the line uses the finest vintage great American workwear fabric. In addition to chambray, the brand’s inaugural line also includes twill and tough waxed canvas.  Really want go out on a limb? They even do a camouflage print chino made from U.S. Military Woodland Camo. How’s that for an un-boring tie?

Available at For the Greater Good ($72 to $76). 1781 Florida Ave., NW.

For history buffs, consider these collectible vintage luggage tags.  The retro tags are from the “golden age” of travel — the 1940s to 1960s — when these labels were used by hotels, rail and airlines as advertising and identification. They were emblazoned on steamer trunks and suitcases and are, today, a piece of travel nostalgia. Available at RCKNDY ($99). 1515 U St., NW.

Air Afrique vintage travel tag available at RCKNDY


Finally, for your wine connoisseur, give him a taste of something local.  Black Ankle Vineyards —  owned by husband-and-wife team, Sarah O’Herron (one of D.C. Style Factory’s favorite clients!) and Ed Boyce — has been stirring up the local wine scene over the last year. The winery has taken home a number of awards, including the Maryland Governor’s Cup for its 2007 Crumbling Rock.

The vintage is a blend of traditional Bordeaux grapes: Carbernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot.  With its big, dark flavors, it “definitely is good guy’s wine,” O’Herron says.

The 2007 Crumbling Rock ($45)  is available at Zola Wine and Kitchen and other various locations throughout D.C. and Maryland.

So, this holiday season, no need hit up the mall or go on an online clicking frenzy, check out some of your local businesses for something special that is sure to put a grin on his face well into the new year.