June is right around the corner and here in the DMV temperatures are rising. Our team has been working over the last few weeks answering the question we get from clients when it starts to get hot: how do I do a casual summer look that feels less blah and more styled up?

First, let’s get real. We are not doing complex layered looks in the summer. It’s about staying cool and comfortable. One go-to outfit formula is your basic t-shirt and shorts look. But, how do you do that look in a way that feels purposeful? The devil is in the details.  In other words, focus on shoes and accessories, how you are tucking, and the slouch of your white tee.

Here are several looks we created recently for clients that showcase three easy ways to step up those two-piece casual summer looks.


Add Shine

A metallic sandal as opposed to a brown or nude sandal will elevate any summer look. This Splendid pair comes in silver and rose gold.

Layer Jewelry

It’s all about delicate layered jewelry in the summer. I often dig through clients’ jewelry collections and find delicate pieces that we layer together. Go short, go long. Layer charm necklaces with beaded necklaces. Mix metals!  And if this all sounds like too much work for you, you can always go for a built-in layered piece like the coin necklace from Anthropologie pictured above.

Belt It

Belts have been inching their way back into our lives over this past fall/winter.  I think they are even more useful to pulling an outfit together during the warm-weather months when you aren’t layering to create interest and depth in your outfits.  My favorite way to style is to do a “side tuck”  — a cousin to the front tuck. Instead of tucking and blousing in the front, grab the side of your tee and tuck there — with a little of the belt peeking out.