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This post has nothing to do with style or fashion. Since we are in the season of celebrating, though, I wanted to share the fun and joy I had last weekend throwing a baby shower for my dear friend Stuart of Brierre Yoga.

Planning the shower brought back a flush of memories of when I was pregnant for the first time: navigating the physical changes for nearly a year of my life, excited and terrified of what motherhood would bring, and figuring out what clothing to use to cover the two feet of stomach extending horizontally from my waistline. And let’s not forget…the baby clothes! The itty bitty tiny baby onesies, socks and hats!

I am firmly out of the season in life where maternity wear, nursing bras, tops that make room for nursing bras, spit-ups, baby carriers and carseats are the norm. It was a wild ride. Hard to believe that the different ups and downs of birthing and caring for those wiggly, squeaky, screamy, sweet, beautiful three babies amount to just a split second of my life. There are profound changes, yes, but then what is most surprising is how certain things about me just never did change. Having those babies reinforced the woman I have always been: strong, silly, loving, sometimes driven, sometimes lazy, affectionate and so much more.

So we celebrated. And it was just wonderful. It was wonderful to share in the excitement of a new baby and to also have my own first baby  (who is now  a very grown-up 9-year-old) take such a big part in planning and helping with the festivities. We made just about everything you see from the decorations to the food. My daughter and a friend did the stenciling. We made the signs and notes. We cooked. We baked. My daughter and her friends were my right-hand girls at the festivities. The scrumptious macarons were from DC’s Olivia Macaron.

We didn’t do a ton of baby shower games, which was on purpose. We simply sat around in a big circle and showered our new mama with love. My friend was glowing. We, her friends and family, were glowing.

Honored to wish this special, new family much happiness in this new chapter of life. And if she ever does ask me for advice? The first thing I will tell her is this: No, you’re not doing it wrong. You are doing it perfectly right.

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*Thank you to the lovely Ashley Lettich of Ashley in DC for the amazing photos from the event.