Going through your closet is the crucial first step all our clients take with us when creating a stylish and functional wardrobe. The last couple of weeks at DC Style Factory have been focused on providing you with closet content  to inspire you to tackle that space in your own homes. I audited my own closet and also dove into local blogger Alison Gary from Wardrobe Oxygen’s wardrobe for an Instagram Live! You can view all four parts on IGTV.

The second step in the DCSF process is to take the wardrobe gaps identified during the Closet Audit and shop strategically to fill those gaps. However, with many of us figuratively tightening our belts during this time and shopping less, I wanted to jump to the third step of the process and talk about our Outfit Creation service and the accompanying Look Book.

Over the last month, I have received texts and emails everyday from clients who have utilized the Look Book not as a solution for daily wardrobe and style conundrums, but as a tool to adapt to our current shelter-in-place and work-from-home lives. Shelly Ingram is one of those clients. We have been communicating each day, motivating each other with words of encouragement and, yes, outfit pictures. I asked Shelly if she would be open to being featured on our blog. I wanted to illustrate how the DCSF process worked for her when she was busy running her law practice at her law offices, meeting with clients in person, and heading to court. And, how it is still working for her now as she works from home.

I was thrilled when she agreed! She is one of the many amazing professional women I am privileged to work with, and one of my very favorites. I also feel like we need to start a blog where we all contribute our styled-up slipper/house shoes looks!

Fall 2017 Look Book

1.) When did you start working with DC Style Factory and what made you decide to contact a personal stylist?

I was cusp-sized and in my early 40’s when I started to work with DC Style Factory in 2017.  I didn’t know where to shop for my size, my style, and my age. I wanted to feel cool and youthful on the weekends and powerful, but approachable at the office.  I had a small closet stuffed with clothing that didn’t work for my lifestyle, and bags of overflow clothes from sizes and years long gone.

Fall 2017 Look Book

2.) What services have you completed?

The services I haven’t completed might be a shorter list.  At first, I had a Personal Style Makeover.  Since then, I have had periodic Closet Audits, Shop Your Closet Appointments,  Shopping (in-person and online when stores didn’t have much to offer in my cusp size), Event Styling, Travel Packing, and Headshot Styling for myself and my staff.

I was uncomfortable with the concept of having a “stylist” at first because it seemed like an extravagance.  I shopped and got dressed on my own, but I was stuck in a rut. I was settling on the fit and quality of my clothing. I knew with a little help, I could do better. Now, I can confidently say that working with DC Style Factory has more than paid for itself.  Whatever the invite or event, I have something to wear that fits and makes me feel confident.

At one point, Rosana challenged me to go an entire year without purchasing a single article of new clothing.  I thought it would be impossible, but it was actually very easy.  My husband is also a fan because now he doesn’t have to wait as long for me to get ready and he also has a little space for his clothes in our small closet!

Fall 2017 Look Book

3.) What major changes have you seen in your wardrobe, personal style, and approach to shopping since working with DCSF?

  • I shop less.  I’m less likely to purchase disposable clothing when I am out and about or when I see things on sale. I don’t just have clothing, now I have a wardrobe that works together cohesively.
  • When I do shop, the DCSF process has taught me to select more versatile pieces that can dress up or down (work, casual, and going-out) and that will last for seasons to come.
  • I have become more comfortable with tailoring my clothing to fit my body as opposed to being on a constant search for an off-the-rack fit.

Fall 2017 Look Book

4.) How has your use of the DC Style Factory Look Book shifted since we have all moved to working from home?

I have a lot of office attire and dry-clean-only items.  Since I began working from home, I have been dressing from the casual section of my Look Books.  Before, I only used the casual sections a few times a month and on vacation.

Fall 2018 Look Book

5.) How has having the DC Style Factory Look Book helped you during this transitional time?

My daily routine has been disrupted, but I wanted to establish and maintain some “normal” for me, for my family, and for my staff.  While I am not going into the office, I still see people online and in virtual meetings all day.  Creating my own put-together work-from-home looks would take time and energy that I don’t have. The casual sections of my look books have been my lifeboat to normal.  The clothing allows me to look put together and makes me feel put together, which gives me a better chance to be together.

Fall 2018 Look Book

6.) Will you keep getting dressed and why?

I hope I will continue to get dressed for “work” each day.  It’s important to find small ways to exercise self-care during these uncertain times, and for me that’s what this is — self-care.

Fall 2018 Look Book

For more information on our remote services, including Outfit Creation/Lookbook, visit our website services page. Also, learn more about our newly launched Style Define service and start creating strategy around your style and wardrobe!