When it comes to balancing style with comfort, we’re all about employing little tricks that make getting dressed easier, stretch the life of your pieces, and maximize your on-the-go lifestyle. 

Here are a few of our favorite wardrobe hacks that we recommend to our clients – and that we’re sharing with you! – to help them build up their own wardrobe toolkit.


One of our go-to professional style formulas is to layer a sleeveless top with a jacket/blazer. Sweat means you have to clean your clothing more often. It also will break down fibers. To protect your blazers, blouses, etc.  from underarm sweat, we recommend wearing a deep-vee undershirt/undergarment. Our favorites are:

  1. Numi
  2. Bodica
  3. Thompson Tee

Deodorize vs Cleaning

We recommend dry-cleaning sparingly. That means protecting your clothing from sweat (see above) and also “airing” it out after you wear with a little spritz. Hang on a hanger in a location apart from the clothing in your closet.  Spritz and leave overnight. 

  1. Laundress Fabric Fresh Spray 
  2. Laundress Wool and Cashmere Spray

No-Show Socks

With so many stylish loafers, flats, and sneakers, we are often asked what kind of socks to wear.  Our favorites totally feel like a lot to pay for socks, but promise you won’t regret it. They actually stay ON YOUR FEET. There are three types to consider:

  1. Gekks for ballet flats
  2. Low-cut Bombas for flats, loafers, etc.
  3. No-Show Bombas for sneakers