The new year. No zombie apocolypse. So, now we can get back to shopping, right? And what better time to shop than now with sales coming out the wazoo. Ready, set…wait, wait, wait. Cool your heels just a sec {cue loud break noise}.

Anyone who has worked with me knows I have mixed feelings about sales.

I love a good deal as much as the next gal, but I am against the idea of a deal just for the sake of a deal. It is the easiest way to fill your closet with pieces that don’t quite fit and don’t work for you both in terms of your lifestyle and/or personal style. Truth time: Are you the one with 10 pairs of black trousers that all just sit there collecting dust? This pair bags in the crotch. This one the waist is a bit too tight. This one the waist a bit too loose. This pair has a floating hem line — even with flats. What do they all have in common? Bought on sale. Good “deals.” Except if you add up what you spend on those “deals” that never get worn…well, you get the idea.

So, off my soapbox — for now. But come on…let’s get real. We aren’t made of money. Shouldn’t we take advantage of sales? Of course. I have mentioned it before in a Facebook post. There are items that I do recommend buying on sale if you find the right one. Let me repeat: if you find the right one.

Cinzia Rocca wool/cashmere coat available at Nordstrom

1. Dress coat. Dress coats are typically one of the more expensive items of clothing you will buy. So, if you can find one on sale that fits well and it is good quality, buy it. Right now, my favorite spot for dress coats on sale at Nordstrom (up to 50 percent off!) and J. Crew (offering an additional 30 percent off already-discounted sale items). And who can resist this great color for 65 bucks!

Dooney & Bourke tassle bag available on

2. Purses. I often find clients that balk at the purse prices these days. And I get it. Sort of. Honestly, people overlook the style value of the purse because it’s an accessory. Like shoes, though, there is no easier way to “make” an outfit — even an extremely dressed-down, casual outfit — than with a great purse. And conversely, no easier way to miss the mark with an outfit. Don’t overlook the clutch for formal looks. You can be completely put together — great dress, shoes, jewelry — and strike the completely wrong note with a too-casual bag.

Another upside to investing in a great bag? Much like shoes, any weight fluctuation you may experience doesn’t affect the bag you carry!

My favorite spots for designer bags are shopbop, outnet (sister site to the behomouth net-a-porter, Gilt and Dooney & Bourke (every month they have “specials”). I also find gems at Anthropologie and J. Crew.

Cole Haan Hollis boot available at Nordstrom

3. Shoes. Pair of great pumps for work, knee-high boots or red party shoes. Yes. Red. And please…Rag & Bone at half off? Sign me up…

Rachel Roy Foil Printed Sequin dress available at Bloomingdale’s

4. Party Dress. You know you’ve been there. Furiously trying on dresses before for an event only to find yourself sweaty and stressed from the experience only to settle on…something that will do. Buy a dress when you don’t need one. One that fits. One that is fairly simple. One that hits all the marks in terms of what you want to show off. It can be black. Or not. But it should be classic. Get it tailored. Store in the back of your closet. Even if you want to buy another dress for your event, know that if you don’t find one, you have a good one in your back pocket.

Locally, I am always on the hunt when these spots have their post-holiday sales: Muleh ((50 percent of sale is on now — and they carry Chie Mihara, one of my go-to cute-and-comfortable shoe options), Relish (sale starts January 11) and Need Supply Co. (additional 15% off sale items now).

Happy New Year, everyone, and happy shopping!