Our process of going through your closet, strategically purchasing mix-and-match essentials, and creating outfits that fit your personal style and lifestyle is meant to save you time and money in the long term. We also preach quality over quantity. Spend a little more on your wardrobe and then take care of those pieces so they last.  So, what are our favorite garment and shoe care products? We answer these questions for our clients all the time and now we are sharing the answers with you!


Leather and Suede Protector
If I am going to get advice on how to keep my suede and leather shoes spotless, I am going to look to…sneakerheads. What is a sneakerhead you ask? It’s a dude who lives and breathes for their kicks, keeps them spotless, always eyeing their next of-the-moment purchase.  Jason Markk produces a solution that has been popular among sneaker-loving sneakerheads. The company also produces a repel spray that is phenomenal. I apply it to all my leather and suede shoes AND jackets. Here’s how: spray the leather or suede once and then leave overnight. Spray again and then wait 24 hours and then they are ready to wear!


Sweater Pills
Ah, the never-ending pilled sweater conundrum. There are lots of fancy sweater shavers out there, but I keep it simple with the Laundress sweater comb. It does a great job of removing those pesky balls and fluffing up fibers on all your cashmere and wool sweaters.


Fabric Spot Remover
This is one of my most popular questions and my two go-tos are the Tide pen and Grandma’s secret spot remover. There is also this fun DIY that I have not tried yet, but know many SWEAR by.
Cleaning and Storage Tips
  • Do not over dry clean! Wear pieces several times before taking to the drycleaner. If you wear suits or blazers infrequently, you only need to dryclean a couple times a year. If you wear these pieces three times a week, dryclean every two months. Here is a handy guide from Good Housekeeping to keep you from over-drycleaning your clothing.
  • Wash jeans on cold inside-out on the gentle cycle and lay flat to dry.
  • Fold all your sweaters. Do not hang as this can cause stretching of the fabric. This is how we fold our sweaters during a Closet Audit!
Now you are ready for a wardrobe built to last!